Irina worked for years as a professional street theatre maker and stilt walker with the international company Teatro Pavana, Firma Fockschaep, and other groups.
Since 2004 she has worked as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, video filmmaker, editor, animator and theatre maker. She has worked for or with various theatre groups, artists and bands, Gerrie Hondius, Koen Hauser, Aziz, Alexander Bendahan, Production Company Bellissima, Poetry International Festival, Zeilen Magazine and others.                                                                                 
Together with her partner in crime Aart Kramer, she designed and built video installations and exhibitions for Museum 't Behouden Huys and the Oerol Festival. They have recently created and designed a new boardgame called 'Stormsein'.
Illustrating and designing books are her passion.

Filcer or Filtzer ?
When Irina's father (the painter Luis Filcer) was a baby, he fled with his family for Stalin's pogroms from Soviet Ukraine to Mexico. They changed their name Filtzer to Filcer, but never did so officially.
It was not until she was 12 years old when Irina discovered her name was not Filcer. Now she uses both names.

In 1984 she won the first prize in the annual drawing competition of Bakker Bakker.
In that same year her first short story was published in Taptoe magazine.
In 2023 she received the 'Boer Boris Premie' - an incentive prize initiated by childrensbook laureates Ted van Lieshout and Philip Hopman.
Relevant education
2022 - Summerschool - Intensive illustration workshop led by Gerda Dendooven | Villa Verbeelding, Belgium
2021 - Intensive writing course led by Arthur Umbgrove | Querido Academie, The Netherlands
2020 - Intensive illustration workshop led by Rébecca Dautremer | Galerie Robillard, France
2020 - Masterclass 'Graphic Novel your life' led by Rachael Ball | House of Illustration, UK
2019 & 2023 - Summerschool - Intensive illustration workshop led by Carll Cneut | Villa Verbeelding, Belgium
2016 - Illustration workshop led by Philip Hopman | Querido Academie, The Netherlands
2015 - Object photography course led by Cees de Jonge, The Visual Art Box | Museum Federatie Fryslân, The Netherlands

Before 2015
Documentary course led by Stefan Majakowski, The Netherlands
Film making course led by Stefan Majakowski | MK24, The Netherlands
Photography course | MK24, The Netherlands
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